Bobby Hundreds Discusses Jon Buscemi’s New Footwear Line Greats

Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds meets with Jon Buscemi to talk about his new sneaker line Greats

Touching a bit on his decision to leave Gourmet, Buscemi introduces the first two silhouettes that will pioneer the brand, the Wilson and the Royale. Both shoes revisit and reinterpret staples of classic American sneaker culture. In particular, the Wilson changes things up a bit with its use of a non-marking deerskin toecap and the twin stitch detailing seen also on its dressier Royale cousin.

What sets Greats aside from other brands is that it promises to be online exclusive, meaning these and future releases will never be distributed via wholesale. Though the concept of online-only is not new with some brands already taking advantage of the savings afforded by the lack of store space, Greats looks to the change the competitive game currently played in the realm of sneakers with its sales plan. Though it might be a while before the early morning lineups for new releases become a thing of the past, it’ll be interesting to see what impact such a business model will have and how the industry will react accordingly.