Stussy x mastermind JAPAN 2013 “group.3″ Collection

Following their “group.2” spring/summer range, Stussy and mastermind JAPAN return to their collaborative line with the “group.3” capsule collection for the fall season. The two leading streetwear brands chose to continue with their black and white color scheme on an 11-piece grouping that includes both apparel and jewelry. Our favorite look comes in the form of a traditional varsity jacket with contrasting white stripes and mmJ’s skull and crossbones logo embroidered at the chest. In addition to a few choice tops, a pair of retro-framed sunglasses, and a rug mat, the two employed JAM HOME MADE to aid in designing a collection of jewelry that features branding from both labels. Patrons will have their choice of a black skull ring, both a large and small bangle bracelet, a beaded bracelet, a skull necklace, and a detailed college ring in silver or black. With prices ranging from ¥16,800 JPY to ¥99,750 JPY (approximately $172 USD to $1,023 USD), the Stussy x mastermind JAPAN “group.3” line will be available at select Stussy Chapter stores beginning August 23.