In true Apple fashion, the latest, redesigned Mac Pro has been introduced to the world with thrilling cinematic effect. Like a sexy movie preview for a Bond film, the Apple trailer reveals 51 seconds of temptation that is currently causing a pandemonium of excitement in the Macintosh world.

Paired with a wicked soundtrack of guitar riffs, the clip flashes mere glimpses of the computer’s sleek, black curves, smooth rims, and glossy finish. As the music climaxes to a striking symphony of violin strings, the device becomes ever more elusive and mysterious and the audience is left with a lingering curiosity of how the new Mac Pro functions while boasting such an unconventional shape.

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that  has the business of garnering hype and suspense down to an art. Just watching the trailer is borderline naughty. To all our nerds out there, feel free to geek out.