Fos, an affordable and wearable LED Display system created by EROGEAR has started its Kickstarter campaign and we’re liking the illumination. The project has only 19 days to go until the campaign closes and a mark of $200,000 to hit, so every dollar bill helps.

Created by Anders Nelson, this safety-light / biker’s signal / wardrobe accessory is a fabric patch that contains a very bright LED grid, weighs 32 grams, and is completely controlled by your mobile phone apps. According to Anders, you can orchestrate a custom light show using “every pixel, all the time” with the touch of your fingertips. Put Fos on your backpack, on your jogging sweater, or over your pants. Honestly, we think this novel device would suit next year’s Electric Daisy Carnival perfectly, glow sticks be damned.

So if you want to show off your flashing lights and glow in the dark, make a pledge and exclaim “Fos-for-us!” (Get it?)