Caste Quality “The Philadelphia Experiment” Video


Spearheaded by a shared passion for skateboarding, Caste Quality employs an unyielding street-bred approach to its clothing designs and visual offerings. In departure from the flamboyant, and often over-embellished brands seen in the market, Caste’s earnest dispatches often utilize enticing narratives, as seen here in “The Philadelphia Experiment.” Finding cohesive elements between a military experiment carried out in Philadelphia in the ’40s that tempered with the idea of time travel, with skateboarding clips from the ’90s and present day, CASTE delivers an enticing video featuring skaters Mark Suciu, Ricky Geiger, Ishod Wair and many more. Filmed by Chris Mulhern, the video provides a glimpse at the streets of New York and Philadelphia, in addition to archive audio samples from “The Philadelphia Experiment” to accompany the striking maneuvers.