Kendrick Lamar Disses Meek Mill Onstage In New York City

UPDATE: Following the back and forth from yesterday (you can view below), video footage of Kendrick Lamar‘s response to Meek Mill has finally hit the Internet. During his performance of “m.A.A.d. city,” Kendrick states, “There’s one that need to know there’s really levels to this shit,” referencing Meek’s latest single “Levels.” Watch above.

[via Miss Info]

Well, the competition just got serious. Kendrick Lamar was performing tonight at Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn, and, while in the city he recently named himself the king of, he shared a few thoughts on the ongoing rivalry sparked by his “Control” verse.

Specifically, Kendrick had a few choice words for Meek Mill, who recently took a few shots at Kendrick with his track “Ooh Kill Em.” Dismissing rappers who are “irrelevent” and “new,” Kendrick singled out Meek Mill by referencing the Philadelphia rapper’s current single, “Levels.”

Several people were tweeting from the scene, including All Hip Hop, who shared some quotes:

Incidentally, Meek Mill is in New York right now promoting Maybach Music Group‘s upcoming album Self Made Vol. 3, so we may be hearing more from this budding rivalry soon.

UPDATE: Meek Mill responded to Kendrick on Twitter, asking “King of what?” and “Somebody please tell me.” He also pointed out, once again, that there are levels to…whatever this is, although he immediately deleted the following two tweets: “I’m the only nigga coming thru the streets w/ the baddest bitch in the game on my bike w/ a 100 hittaz & army tanks behind me!” and “That’s a king….. It’s really levels!”

Check out his full rant below: