While everyone’s talking about the new features on the iPhone 5S, the device’s impending arrival underlines a quandary for some users: drop at least $200 to upgrade one’s phone now, or wait for something better? If designer Dave Hakkens of the Netherlands has his way, consumers won’t have to make such decisions much longer. Hakkens and his team have created Phonebloks, a simple, modular handset that you can configure to your heart’s content, upgrading various detachable components so that everything from the processor to the camera can be easily replaced (as opposed to discarding the entire phone). The design is held together by a pegboard-style base, with a screen — also replaceable — mounted on the front. Check out a video overview below, and head over to Thunderclap to help Haskens generate interest for the inventive concept through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.