C3H5N309 Experiment ZR012 “Nitro” Watch

Two of the most creative brands in horology – Urwerk and MB&F – realign to design the Experiment ZR012 “Nitro” Watch with a movement and display based on a Wankel engine. Invented by German Engineer Felix Wankel in 1957, his eponymous engine is a type of internal combustion machine that uses an eccentric rotary design to convert pressure into rotating motion. At its inception it offered advantages in simplicity, smoothness, compactness, high revolutions per minute and a high power to weight ratio. Utilizing this inventive concept for its movement, the ZR012 further features a black natural zirconium casing, titanium articulated lugs and a price tag of about $182,000 USD. Unfortunately however, this timepiece will be limited to just 12 pieces worldwide.