The New York Times Highlights New York Skate Photographer Allen Ying

While not necessarily Thrasher or The Skateboard MagThe New York Times has an ongoing interest in skateboarding not frequently found in other periodicals. Through this lens the storied newspaper turns its focus to one Allen Ying – founder of New York-based skate magazine 43. The discussion in skateboarding photography pertains to how to capture rawness, if not a certain sense of rebellion, a subject in which Ying is undoubtedly well-versed. “Skateboarding was always the one window into something real” says the artist about authenticity in photographs, evidenced clearly in the shot of Koki ollieing the gap between two uptown Manhattan subway platforms. Enjoy the full piece on the New York Times web site, while footage of the mind-bending photos can be seen in videographer Colin Read (a.k.a. Mandible Claw)’s newest video:Tengu: God of Mischief.