GoPro HERO3+

From GoPro‘s initial launch, the action camera has appeared as the utility of choice for thrill seekers of all ages. The brand is now set to debut the newest edition of its HERO camera: the HERO3+. Several improvements have been made to the existing HERO3 model, including “Superview,” an wide-angle viewing mode that allows for tremendously inclusive perspective, as well as a low-light sensor that automatically adjusts the frame rate and exposure according to the context. Alongside this, the HERO3+ (Black Edition) comes with 30% longer battery life, high frame rates in 1440p48 and lower, as well as 20% more compact body. The HERO 3+ Black Edition retails at a very reasonable $399.99 USD, while the Silver Edition, still with comparable qualities, is available for $299.99 USD. Look for both on GoPro’s website, available now.