FiftyThree x Moleskine Brings Your iPad’s Paper Creations to Life

Design tech company FiftyThree released Paper in 2011, an app for the iPad that simulated notebook pages on the digital screen. It quickly became useful for its simplification of the already simple pen-and-paper formula. Now, the company has teamed up with iconic notebook artisan Moleskine to release “Book,” an extension of the Paper app that allows users to create physical 15-page books from their digital notebooks. Provided that there is a creative audience recording their thoughts on iPads, Book can be used to make books on any topic – from recent doodles to fully illustrated shorts. From cover to cover, the book (which costs $40 to print) can be fully customized in a special 4:3 ratio foldout, providing a satisfying physical manifestation of an innately physical action: drawing. For a further look at Book, head over to FiftyThree’s website, or check out the video below.