Motorola Project Ara

Though smartphones and their operating systems are fully capable of being tailored to its user’s preferences and lifestyle, its hardware on the other hand leaves little room for customization at the hand of its owner’s imagination. Insert Motorola’s Project Ara, led by the electronic brand’s Advanced Technology and Projects group. This initiative aims to develop a free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. Inspired by Android’s open software, Motorola is currently developing technologies that will allow users the ability to swap out phone parts, or modules, using what they’ve termed an “endoskeleton structural frame.” Meaning one could upgrade their phone’s processor, battery, screen or “something not yet thought of” by purchasing new components from a slew of third-party outlets. Though still in its early stages, Motorola will soon send out invitations to developers to start creating modules for the Ara platform. Learn more about Project Ara at Motorola’s official blog.