Dutch Brands Team Up for A Raekwon-Inspired G-Shock 30th Anniversary Watch

In continuing celebration of G-Shock‘s 30th anniversary, which already has seen projects with 3.V.O.7 and New Era emerge, four Dutch brands have collaborated with Casio for their own custom timepiece. The timepiece strikes a parallel between Raekwon’s classic verse on “C.R.E.A.M.” and the rugged nature of Casio’s hallmark watch. Accordingly, OntFront, Filling Pieces, Ceizer, and URBMATH have outfitted the piece in split leather from the face through the strap, garnishing it with gold accents around the face. A special triangular packaging has been produced for the watch, featuring custom artwork that references Raekwon’s “Times is rough and tough like leather” lyrics. The watch is limited to 10 pieces worldwide, though interested parties can petition for a wider release here.