LUCRA 2013 LC470

They say you can never take back a first impression, but that’s just fine with boutique carmarker Lucra, especially when we’re talking about their incredible LC470 roadster. While it will take a cool $118,000 to claim one as your own, all that cash will get your one hell of a ride with the same curb appeal and head-turning capability as a Bugatti, but at a fraction of the price. In fact, it’ll hit 60mph from a dead stop in the same amount of time (2.5 seconds) and, despite its creative bodywork, it’s actually street legal. It’s Shelby Cobra-esque body is all carbon fiber, weighing in at only 160 lbs, or the weight of an adult male, before it is bolted to the frame and you add in the weight of the 17-inch wheels. Inside, you’ll find plenty of legroom once seated in the aluminum racing seats with adjustable pedal assemblies and a tiltable steering column. Under the hood, you’ll find a GM LS7 V-8 producing 630 hp controlled with a 5-speed trans. It lacks a lot of the other bells and whistles of other street speedsters, but there’s other options for those so inclined. Instead, this one is just made for good, old fashion speed.