BAPE STORE LONDON 2013 Holiday “VERY APE” Collection

After reintroducing the “VERY APE” range last year in honor of its tenth anniversary – a commemorative release that was followed by a new set of tees this past October – A Bathing Ape presents its latest BAPE STORE LONDON-exclusive “VERY APE” collection for Holiday 2013. The drop sees the return of the “I’m very ape and very nice” tee in both short- and long-sleeved versions as well as “BUSY WORKS” T-shirts and crewnecks (and a matching pint glass), a nylon coach jacket and leather-trimmed varsity. The full drop is set to be available in limited quantities exclusively from BAPE STORE LONDON this Saturday, November 30.

4 Upper James St.
London W1F 9DG
United Kingdom

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