Keith Haring “Ephemera, 1979 -1990″ Online Exhibition @ Gallery98

Keith Haring never really had aspirations to create timeless pieces of art. His works often favored a sense of spontaneity intending to provoke certain basic emotions when viewed and understood. Yet since his death, Haring’s signature use of lines and shapes to create fun little characters have become some of the most iconic examples of the ‘70s and ‘80s Pop Art movement. Now the latest subject at Gallery98, the late artist will exhibit Ephemera, 1979-1990 – a collection of works that weren’t intended to have lasting value or use. Because many of his fellow artists at the time were unable to get their pieces in the established galleries of New York, the emergence of ephemera as a viable artform came about. So in this unique exhibit we see some of these works, like an invitation to a nightclub printed on a pair of gym shorts, record sleeve illustrations, small-run posters, T-shirts and more. The best part about the exhibit is that it is all presented online at Gallery98.

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