MC Serch Is Getting a Daytime Talk Show

MC Serch, 1/3 of seminal 90s Rap trio 3rd Bass, is getting his own daytime talk show. The show, called simply Serch, will follow a standard daytime talk format but will center around Serch’s attempts to help people out of tough situations using the street smarts he accrued running the streets of New York with The Little HomieSerch will get a 4 week test run on several stations around the country beginning on January 6th, with the hope that it will be picked up for a full run. The only reason I even know about this show is because I happened to come across a commercial for it during this past weekend.

Outside of a handful of articles from the entertainment trades, it seem like there’s been very little push by CBS Distribution to get this in front of the target demographic, which I assume to be out of work Hip-Hop fans and stay at home moms who listened to Rap in the 90s. I couldn’t even find a decent video clip to include in this post until I went to the CBS site and specifically looked for one, and then I had to register just to view it. In any event, you can watch the 4-minute preview here for a glimpse at Serch’s unique approach to self-help which I’d describe as sort of Dr. Phil meets your neighborhood old head: “My man was in C-block, he got out 3 weeks ago” , he tells his young guest. UPDATE: the preview video linked above has gone away for whatever reason. Here’s a clip of the commercial that was added to Youtube.

Hit the jump for a clip of Serch talking about the show on Rap Is Outta Control with DJ Eclipse and Torae. Click here for information about showtimes and stations.