A Look at Babe Ruth’s 1923 Yankees World Series Gruen Pocket Watch

When the New York Yankees won their first ever World Series in 1923 thanks to some excellent play by Babe Ruth, the franchise rewarded the Great Bambino with a heavily engraved Gruen Verithin pocket watch. Many watch enthusiasts have given up on this piece thinking it disappeared, but it has recently crept back to the market and is now for sale at Heritage Auctions. This timepiece features an unusual five-sided case made of 14-carat gold and what looks to be a Swiss movement, although our sources aren’t fully certain. Inside its caseback, the watch displays three engravings – one for the brand, another for Babe, and finally Babe’s friend, Charles Schwefel, whom the watch was given to before his death. The personalized Babe Ruth pocket watch from Gruen Verithin is currently for sale here.