Prodigy Releasing Anthology on Special Edition Digital Player

Prodigy’s new solo anthology, The Most Infamous Vol. 1 drops on February 18th at your favorite digital music outlets, but it will also be available on this special edition, one-off mp3 player.

I suppose this is kinda cool if you’re a big Mobb Deep or P fan, but it has its drawbacks. According to the press release, the pre-loaded content can not be altered or removed, so it’s basically a player that will only ever play the 27-tracks that it ships with. And it costs $50.

That’s cool if you’re a SUPER Prodigy Stan, but I can’t imagine this is something the average person wants to lug around in addition to their iPhone or dedicated mp3 player.

1 Not A Stan Producer: Alchemist
2 Genesis Producer: Prodigy
3 The One and Only Producer: Sid Roams
4 3 Producer: Alchemist
5 Am I Crazy Producer: Sebb
6 Illuminati Producer: Alchemist
7 Real Power Is People Producer: Sid Roams
8 Cold World Producer: Sid Roams
9 Black Devil Producer: Sid Roams
10 Stronger Producer: King Benny
11 What’s Happening (feat. T.I.) Producer: T.I.
12 Pretty Thug Producer: Ty Fyffe
13 Skull and Bones Producer: Beat Butcha
14 Serve Em Producer: Alchemist
15 Anytime Producer: Sid Roams
16 Get Money (feat. Boog Boogetz)Producer: Young L
17 Do or Die Producer: Alchemist
18 Twilight (feat. Havoc) Producer: Sid Roams
19 Keep It Thoro Producer: Alchemist
20 Dirty New Yorker Producer: Alchemist
21 Stop Stressing Producer: Sid Roams, Benny Needles
22 Young Veterans Producer: Alchemist
23 Return of The Mac Producer: Alchemist
24 Co-Pilot (feat. Wiz Khalifa)Producer: The Colombians
25 The Life Producer: Alchemist
26 Change Producer: Alchemist
27 The Rotten Apple Producer: Alchemist