J.Period x Biggie – March 9th Revisited (Mixtape)

J.Period drops the 3rd and final installment of his March 9th Biggie remix series. The 22-track project finds Period imagining what Rap might have been like had Big survived into the new millennium, blending vocals and instrumentals from artists like Jay Electronica, Snoop Dogg, T.I. and Busta Rhymes with classic Big verses and songs.

Check out “In The System” featuring Jay Electronica here and hit the jump to stream and download the whole project.

1. Victory (Hate Me) feat. Busta Rhymes (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
2. Let’s Get It On (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
3. Notorious feat. Lil Kim & Puffy (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
4. One Last Chance (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
5. B.I.G.’s Different (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
6. Benjamins feat. Lil Kim (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
7. Spread Love (J.PERIOD Cool Out Remix) (Exclusive)
8. Hey Ma (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
9. Warning Message (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
10. Queen B feat. Lil Kim & JAY Z (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
11. Welcome to Brooklyn (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
12. In the System feat. Jay Electronica (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
13. Better Moves (Interlude) feat. JAY Z
14. Sky’s The Limit (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
15. Media Hype (Interlude) feat. Snoop Dogg
16. Dreams & Nightmares (J.Period Remix) (Exclusive)
17. You’re Nobody (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
18. Beamer Benz (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
19. Armed & Dangerous (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
20. The One In Front Of The Gun feat. T.I. (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
21. Darkness Falls (J.PERIOD Remix) (Exclusive)
22. Bonus: Party & Bullsh*t (Ratatat Remix)

Download here.