Kanye West Gets Another Video Game with ‘Flying Yeezus’

Although Kanye West doesn’t give off much of a gamer vibe, nor does his Yeezus alter ego seem very playful, another game using his likeness has surfaced on the web today. Dubbed Flying Yeezus, this iTunes app takes plenty of cues from the highly addictive Flappy Bird game with the only difference being the use of Kanye’s head in place of the bird and a start screen that prompts you to “Tap To Be God.” We shouldn’t forget that last summer Phenix created Kanye Quest 3030 – a PC-based RPG starring Mr. West – that saw the hip-hop polymath in a sci-fi world battling against his industry cohorts and the forces of evil. What do you think readers, is there a Kanye West game on the horizon for one of the major platforms like PS4 or Xbox One?

Flying Yeezus is available for download here.