Rick Ross Gives Advice on “Bad Rappers, Being Big and Sexism”

Rapper turned life coach Rick Ross recently started a life advice column in Rolling Stone magazine titled “Ask A Boss With Rick Ross.” Hosting the feature for a limited time, the MGM rapper addresses questions about life, work, school and dating, with this latest edition focusing on how to break it to someone they’re not quite the superstar “boss” they think they are despite the flashy appearance and misogyny rap lyrics. Enjoy an excerpt from the column below and for inquiries of your own, send them through to Rick Ross at [email protected]rollingstone.com.

I have a friend – I’ll call him Chris. Everybody thinks Chris is a total boss. He always gets the hottest girls, drives the nicest car and drinks the finest alcohol (Ciroc, obviously). But I know Chris better than most people, and I know that car is really his dad’s, he only has money to spend because he lives at home rent-free, and he usually makes me go halves on the Ciroc anyway. My question is this: What defines a boss? Is it just about appearances. Or is there something deeper that makes someone a boss? – Vincent, Boston
Being a boss is much deeper than that. It can be the brokest dude in the beat-up car who’s the real boss. It’s not about money or status. It’s about heart. Right now I’m wearing a gold Rolex that Drake gave me two Christmases ago. It’s my second time wearing it. But even when I wasn’t in the position I’m in today, I always had my ambitions, and I always took responsibility. That’s who the boss is.

I’m a big guy, and people always tell me that women don’t like big men, or that being big won’t get you laid. I think this is false. Tell me honestly, one big dude to another – did you ever have trouble picking up women before you were famous? – DeSainte, Detroit

Most definitely, I ran into some stumbles. Being a big guy, you face certain challenges. Over time, though, women found excuses to find me attractive. Just keep pumping your fuckin’ fists in the air. They’ll find reasons to fuck with you. Take it from me.