Samsung Smart Bike

Unveiled at the 2014 Milan Design Week, we present the very first images of the Arduino-powered Samsung Smart Bike prototype. Designed by the world-renowned Italian frame-builder Giovanni Pelizzoli and his student Alice Biotti through the Samsung Maestros Academy, their invention becomes the latest entry to the “Smart Bike” phenomena, and follows our recent look at Vanhawks Valour “connected’ bike. Powered by an intuitive Arduino module, this futuristic two-wheeler sports a handlebar mount for its rider’s Samsung smartphone, which not only provides navigation, but also streams live video from the rearview camera located between the seat stays. Furthermore, the curved aluminum frame (designed to neutralize the vibrations caused from riding on rough city streets) features four built-in lasers to project a moving bike lane onto the road for a safer ride. Unfortunately however, there is no word as to whether or not the Samsung Smart Bike will be available to the public.