Flash Adapter Diffuses Flash Into Multiple Channels

Looking like something straight out of a movie or video game, these multi-channel diffusers from Poland-based Flash Adapter mean business. Produced by Ernest and Agnieszka Lysak, the macro photo diffusers allow photographers to better control the direction of the flash and spread it in different directions, enabling them to achieve various stylistic effects.

Available in three different models suited to different situations, the four-channel 5.2 model is designed for short distances and small macro scenes, while the six-channel 6.1 model works better for controlling light in an indoor studio. The last and largest, the 7.0, is designed to be mounted on an external flash unit to capture images of large scenes for fashion and portrait photos.

To learn more about how their concept came to life and a bit about how the diffusers work, check out thisvideo over at the brand’s website.