Nigel Sylvester “Ridin’ With That Work 2″ Video

Perhaps an undersung hero given his ushering of BMX into pop culture amongst a new generation, Nigel Sylvester proves he’s willing to get his hands and feet dirty with a new part. The Queens, New York native has been steadily traveling since January, unveiling the fruits of his labor in the second installment of “Ridin’ With That Work.” Bouncing between global hotspots like Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, and his hometown of New York, Sylvester pushes the boundaries of BMX riding, even adopting some skateboarding-rooted maneuvers for two tires. Though it’s certainly a shame to see certain historic spots get chunked by pegs, “Ridin’ With That Work 2″ is certainly progressive worth a watch. Enjoy the clip above, which features a surprise introduction by none other than Pharrell Williams.