If you haven’t already heard of the team from Abbes, then consider this highly tuned 2014 Corvette Stringray C7 your wake-up call. Based in Luxembourg – which honestly isn’t known as a Mecca for performance cars – these guys are out to put themselves on the map and this kit does exactly that. Including a well-designed series of body modifications, the Abbes Corvette aero kit does an amazing job at blending into the original look of the car while simultaneously adding an edge that is distinctly their own. While performance stats weren’t released, the kit looks to include a front lip spoiler, revised side skirts, a new rear wing, and sporty rear diffuser. The look is capped off with extra vents flanking the wheel wheels, a set of high-performance brakes, and an adjustable coilover suspension. If you’re looking for a distinctive look to match your sexy ‘Vette, this may be your ticket. Hit Abbes to learn more.