Banksy Does New York Trailer (HBO Documentary Films)

From acclaimed director, Chris Moukarbel (HBO’s ME @ THE ZOO & SEX//NOW) comes BANKSY DOES NEW YORK, a wildly entertaining feature documentary about renowned street artist Banksy and his self-proclaimed citywide residency in New York during October 2013.

Over the course of a month-long residency in New York, Banksy and his team took to the streets – secretly creating a variety of public work ranging from elaborate conceptual stunts to traditional graffiti art. Constructed under the dark of night, each new piece was then announced daily on his #BANKSYNY Instagram account and chronicled on his pop-up website creating a community wide scavenger hunt. Constantly evading a citywide search by the NYPD, Banksy’s work created a public response that was an equal mix of reverence and derision, with some of the more controversial statements sending waves of reaction throughout the city. From a Central Park stand where priceless original works were anonymously sold for $60 to a mural on the entrance to the Hustler strip club, to a junkyard in Willets Point, Queens; New York City served as the canvas for this street art vigilante.

BANKSY DOES NEW YORK is an exhilarating documentation of Banksy’s city-wide exhibit and at the same time a vibrant portrait of the city itself.

Get a sneak peek at Banksy Does New York before its on-air premiere, beginning Oct. 31 on HBO On Demand and HBO GO.