We Take a Look at the fragment design x Air Jordan 1

Purveyors of streetwear have certainly caught on to Hiroshi Fujiwara‘s high-profile, prolific output over the past couple of weeks. Though the news might’ve been slightly overshadowed by the release of the imaginative Roshe LD-1000 SP, Fujiwara and the Nike camp are yet to curtain their act – saving the very special fragment design x Air Jordan 1 for last. Here we take a first impression of the shoe – which looks classic as ever with its black, white, and ‘fragment’ blue upper. This iteration remains true to the hallmark nine loop design, and uses plush premium leather throughout the sneaker for a lasting, durable sneaker that is sure to live beyond the era of its release. While no definite release date is set, keep your eyes peeled to our pages for more information as it releases.