Tony Hawk Skates the Hendo Hoverboard

Earlier this year, Funny or Die released a prank video introducing the world’s first hoverboard. The comedic online website went all out to convince people that the futuristic means of transportation had arrived. They created a fake HUVr company and even enlisted skateboarding legend Tony Hawkto test it out. After going viral, Funny or Die confessed that the video was a hoax, and released a separate apology video for lying.

Now, it appears the real thing is on its way. A Los Gatos, CA-based tech company named Hendo has launched a kickstarter campaign to help produce actual Hoverboards and create places to ride them. Hendo uses an innovative technology known as magnetic field architecture that lifts the Hoverboards 1 inch above the ground. Tony Hawk got to try it out and it looks like, it’s the real deal. Check out the video above and visit Hendo’s kickstarter page here.