Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000 Series

Earlier this year, Casio released the G-Shock GPW-1000 collection that used a hybrid movement, allowing the watch to sync the time using radio wave time-calibration signals and GPS satellites. Recently, it was announced that three new solar-powered radio-controlled metal timepieces would come from the Casio Oceanus collection, that would feature the same hybrid movement. The OCW-G1000 series marks the world’s very first hybrid timekeeping system in an all-metal case which, with the push of a button, can access exact location information, determine the time zone and adjust for daylight savings time. In just seven short seconds, they can correct the time depending on the user’s location, perfect for travelers and jet setters alike. The Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000 series comes in three unique styles and ranges between $1,700 and $1,950. Take a look below.