New York’s Recently Criminalized Subway Dancing Subculture Documentary

Scott Carthy has produced the “Litefeet” documentary, a short film that provides insight into the life of a W.A.F.F.L.E dancer, the Litefeet movement, and negative portrayal of the now defunct subway dance subculture. We hear the other side of the story as various New York young adults discuss their positive intentions, and success with the Lifefeet dance movement, which has lifted many of the members from their troubled backgrounds. As the camera follows them on the streets and underground in the subway for their “Final Dance,” the dancers are seen showing off their moves, and displaying supportive camaraderie. While the scenes unfold, the background narrative features the voices of these same dancers expressing their disapproval at last year’s court ruling that effectively banned dancing in subway trains, in addition to the underlying premise that paints participants as unruly thugs. Check out the informative documentary in the video provided above and head over to i-D for more on the story.