IKEA to Incorporate Wireless Charging in Furniture

Complying with ongoing environmental trends, the world’s largest furniture retailer, IKEA, will begin integrating wireless charging into its furniture — starting with its floor, table, and work lamps. The announcement aligns with the Sweden-based company’s recent target of progressively making homes smarter. Along with the floor, table, and work lamps, the ready-to-assemble furniture company will also add two bedside tables and a selection of pads that can be bought separately and added to your existing setup. Compatibility with IKEA’s newest technology will be likely considering the company’s compliance with the Qi, a widely popular interface standard. The company will also be selling wireless charging covers for iPhone or Galaxy users, which presently do not support integrated charging technologies. The new lamps and bedside tables will be available mid-April in all US and UK IKEA stores.

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