Watch Errol Morris’ ESPN Documentary “The Streaker”

ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series has always relied on getting to the heart and soul of our obsessions with sports rather than depended on statistical analysis and data. For those who tuned in this Sunday, viewers were greeted with six short films from Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Errol Morris. While they were all highly enjoyable, his profile on Mark Roberts – the most noted streaker of all-time – really set the bar high. According to the official synopsis, “if the name of Mark Roberts doesn’t ring a bell, his body might. He is the British man who has been interrupting events for more than 22 years, in more than 22 countries, by running naked through the proceedings: the Olympics, rugby and soccer matches, a dog show, and, most famously, Super Bowl XXXVIII, when he sneaked onto the field dressed as a ref and ended up getting tackled by players from the Patriots and Panthers.”