150 Classic Skateboard Stickers by Stickerbomb Skate

The culture of skateboarding has always been ingrained with an unshakeable sense of individuality. During the early days of skateboarding, it was the fearless subversion of established conventions that defined the sport’s culture, visual aesthetic, and its participants. And now a new book is celebrating skateboarding’s distinct style using a medium ubiquitous to skateboarding itself: stickers. Entitled “Stickerbomb Skate: 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers,” the book features many of the iconic sticker designs that have helped shape skateboarding culture from the 70’s to the present day, with every sticker fully peel-able and ready to be placed on the board of your choice. Included inside Stickerbomb State are designs from some of skateboarding’s most storied brands: Alien Workshop, Girl, REAL, Santa Cruz and Toy Machine. Everything from Jim Phillip’s timeless illustrations for Santa Cruz to Alien Workshop’s bold graphics can be seen inside, along with interviews that get into the brains of influential designers like Ed Templeton and Mike Hill. For an in depth look at the designs and minds that made an imprint on skateboarding culture, be sure to check out Stickerbomb Skate. The book is available soon, and can be purchased here.