Watch the Full-Length Skate Video – Bronze56k Releases “TRUST”

Champion of obscure Max B songs and purveyor of all things pre-modern internet, videographer Peter Sidlauskas unveils his latest full-length video for Bronze56k – “TRUST.” The video series that arguably pioneered trendy lo-fi skate videos returns after a yearlong sabbatical, which it seems was spent locked in the editing room. There is a certain sense of self-awareness about “TRUST,” perhaps even hubris, but it’s understandable given the circumstances.

Some years ago, Bronze seemed something of a parody enterprise – especially recalling its roots as a ‘hardware’ company – yet in 2015,HUF-assisted premieres (in New York, Miami and San Fransisco) and a dedicated social media following signify a kind of “serious business.” To boot, the #squad has expanded to include local notables such as Josh Wilson, Erik Martinez (“Chachi”; yes, he’s skating in Foamposites) and Richie Rizzo. Without further ado, enjoy the video above, then head here to support Peter – who is offering limited DVD presses of both “TRUST” and “Enron.”