Here’s the Full Video of Suge Knight’s Hit & Run

TMZ got their hands on the full surveillance footage of Suge Knight running over Cle “Bone” Sloan and Terry Carter (who later died from his injuries) during the infamous Compton hit and run that he is now imprisoned for. Obviously this is pretty graphic, so be warned before you watch. Somebody in Suge’s camp had floated the idea that this footage would ultimately clear him of any wrongdoing, and it certainly shows that Bone approached his vehicle in a menacing manner, but it also seems like the whole thing could have been avoided. I supposed that’s up to a jury to decide now though.

One thought on “Here’s the Full Video of Suge Knight’s Hit & Run

  1. wow! I wish I had not seen that send chills down my spine… What do I think? I think you dont run over a human body thats what I think. You drive away from the situation- this was horrific just horrific.

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