‘South Park’ x HUF 4/20 Pack

In celebration of one of the world’s most popular unofficial holidays, San Francisco-based skate apparel supplier HUF has teamed up with animated adult sitcom South Park to create a capsule collection for 4/20 featuring characters Randy and Towelie. With Randy referencing season fourteen’s ‘Medicinal Fried Chicken’ episode where by which South Park’s KFC is replaced by a marijuana dispensary, as well as the appearance of recurring character Towelie who was originally created to satirically reference the degree to which South Park was being merchandised. The collection features printed graphic T-shirts, a rendition of HUF’s famous weed socks, shorts, beach towel, tote bag and a uniquely cut cruiser deck. The entire collection is now available for 4/20 onHUF Worldwide.

'South Park' x HUF 4/20 Pack

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