BMW Motorrad Japan Ignite Straight Six

Two masters of the custom motorcycle world come together in a new project from BMW Motorrad Japan, dubbed “Ignite Straight Six.” Taking to the K1600 GTL model, which already boasts a six-cylinder engine with 1649cc displacement, renowned workshops Ken’s Factory and Hot-Dock Custom Cycles both radically overhauled the silhouette to execute their own versions. The “Ken’s Factory Special” is a lithe, streamlined chopper-style bike that was created with a revamped headstock, cowl and two handmade aluminum forks at the front. In lieu of the rear subframe and seat, designer Kenji Nagai opted for a low-riding aluminum seat, which rests above an exposed 20-inch rear tire. On the other side of the spectrum, the “Juggernaut” by Kenji Kawakita is husky and bullyish, sparing no detail to create an imposing presence. The body has been exaggerated by an aluminum tubing skeleton that houses the internal engine, giving the bike a military edge. Check out both options above and head to either Ken’s Factory or Hot-Dock‘s website to learn more about their works.

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