Uber Launches “UberEATS” Food Delivery Service

Uber has revolutionized the game when it comes to personal transportation services, and are looking to do the same with a new food delivery service called “UberEATS.” Already servicing hungry customers in LA and Barcelona, Uber is bringing the service to New York City, and will see the car service app partnering with select restaurants to offer meal options at affordable price — in the $9-12 range for lunch and $10-15 range for dinner. The curated menu changes daily, with choices from various New York hotspots like American Cut, Num Pang, sweetgreen, Scarpetta and more on deck for the Big Apple’s inaugural week. UberEATS can be accessed from within the regular Uber app in participating cities, with no plans as of yet to expand to other cities. For more on UberEATS, head over to its dedicated webpage.