Sole Collector Introduces Us to the World’s First Sneaker Concierge at NYC’s Dream Hotel

A night at The Dream Hotel‘s $5,000 USD a night, two-storey, 1,600-square-foot room not only offers you a personal barber, a private barista, and more, but the sneaker concierge will have whatever sneaker you want waiting in the closet. And by whatever, Vaughn Davis means whatever (Yeezy 750 Boosts, check; Nike Air MAG, check). Davis is the director of guest services at the upscale trendy hotel, and oversees all accommodations, especially its sneaker concierge service. With over 20 years of sneaker collecting expertise, Davis will milk all connections to make sure that you get whatever sneaker you want. Head over to Sole Collector to read more about this exclusive service, how the process works, and what’s next for the popular service.

When did you guys decide that this was something you wanted to offer to the guests?
Our vice president allowed employees to wear sneakers around certain areas of the hotel and every 30 seconds guests would break their neck and ask us, “Why is everyone on staff in the coolest pair of sneakers?” With those questions came us facilitating our connections with people in the sneaker industry to our guests and then we decided, “Why not include this program in the rollout of our $1 million renovation of the guest house?” So we added that, as well as things like a vibes curator, personal barista, and personal stylist.

How often are guests hitting you up for sneakers?
At first this sneaker concierge program was just meant for the guest penthouse only. Due to popular culture and all the exposure we received for the program, it became widely known and we’ve been getting contacted by upwards of 20 people per day — non-guests especially and guests. We’ve been continuing to roll out the program and we’ll move forward to ensure that it’s a staple across the brand as well. It’s extremely popular.

We’ll never extend it to anyone that’s not staying in the guesthouse, unless they ask. If you’re in the guesthouse, this is exclusive solely to you. Once you book the room, our sneaker stylist will contact you and then start building your sneaker profile. Once we build your profile, we can have anything you decide in your room upon arrival waiting in the walk-in closet.

You’re not just going to Foot Locker to pick up a pair of white Air Force 1s, right? You’re talking ANYTHING?
Only the exclusives. It’s extremely easy for us to get them. Due to the clientele we have staying here — brands that are leading the industry, some of the top artists in the entertainment industry who have sneaker deals and so on, those connections make it far easier for us to find sneakers.

Also, I have upwards of 20 years of sneaker collecting expertise myself. I worked for Nike when I was in college. My sneaker knowledge is quite large. It’s very easy. I just make one phone call to a specific individual. It just depends on the kind of sneaker and the brand. I have my high-end guys, my mid-tier guys, and my low-end guys, and my OG deadstock and rare guys. That’s easy. What we do is a service to our guest and we try to ensure that we get them the lowest possible price. Because these suppliers are friends of ours and connections we’ve had for a very long time.