Attempting to Decode Jordan Brand’s New “MTM” Project

The summit held in Beaverton earlier this week has left several juicy bits of news information for Nikeheads in its wake. Thus far, we know that President Barack Obama visited Nike’s Oregon campus to discuss environmental sustainability, yet there may be more to the fold than just words – more on that later. From the other, Jumpman-shaped corner of the campus, we’ve also gotten privy to a new upstart under the Jordan Brand umbrella: Jordan MTM. While a black and red silhouette holds the only clues thusfar on the project,Sneaker News aptly pointed out that the billing bears a striking resemblance to Nike’s HTM – the high-end focused design trio comprised of Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker that started back in 2002. Obviously, the “T” and “M” still remain here, yet the first initial has been changed to “M” – perhaps signifying Michael Jordan’s personal involvement. If MTM is indeed Jordan’s equivalent of HTM, this seems to infer that JB’s brand offerings – deluxe and rare as they are – are about to receive a nice set of upscale treatments. As it stands now, ‘MTM’ only refers to Jordan’s offering for none other than President Barack Obama,  but that could change as news unfolds in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Attempting to Decode Jordan Brand's New "MTM" Project