New Balance Takes Aim at Nike After President Obama’s Visit to Beaverton

New Balance’s Vice President Matt Lebrettonhas aired his opinions regarding President Barack Obama’s recent trip to Nike’s Headquarters this week. The President visited the company’s Oregon campus to discuss the proposed Trans-Pacific partnership. In a statement to POLITICO, Lebretton noted, “I think it’s great that the President is getting out and talking about his agenda,” before going on to say, “But it would be great to have him come to a footwear company that actually still makes shoes in the United States…” As one of the few companies that produce its sneakers in the United States instead of outsourcing abroad,Lebretton has the right to voice his opposition to Obama’s Nike trip. New Balance would take a substantial hit if the proposed deal is passed, by way of losing local factory jobs due to the lowered tariff rates of shoes made in Southeast Asia.

President Obama Visits Nike's World Headquarters