Supreme “KIDS 20th Anniversary” Capsule Collection

Twenty years have passed since Larry Clark’s debut film, KIDS, was originally unveiled in 1995. KIDS represented a lens into New York City’s youth culture. Along the way, many were offended as well as enamored with the stark, raw reality of Clark’s documentation. For those unfamiliar with the era, a look back on the film is certainly an important reminder of a time, place and culture that permeated the city of New York. Larry Clark’s ability to connect with such an eclectic cast — many making their silver screen debut — came courtesy of Clark’s exploits photographing skaters in New York. The film’s writer, one Harmony Korine and star, Leo Fitzpatrick were such relationships created their Clark’s creative endeavors. In addition, the film also featured Supreme’s original riders, Justin Pierce and Harold Hunter, Chloë Sevigny, Jeff Pang, Rosario Dawson, and Javier Nunez. In commemoration ofKIDS’ 20th anniversary, Supreme is releasing a capsule of items based on stills from the iconic film such as hooded sweatshirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, graphic T-shirts and skate decks.

A release in New York, Los Angeles, and London is set for May 21, inclusive of both online and in-store while Japan will release their selection on May 23.