Air Jordan 11 Retro Low “Blue Snake” Custom by Tony Chen

When it was first released, the XI was the first Jordan that was fully able to make the leap from sport to all-out luxury. Since then, the line between performance and fashion in Jordans has become all but invisible, but it was the XI that paved the way. So it’s no surprise we’re still seeing custom XI’s today, like Tony Chen’s “Blue Snake,” that proudly put the XIs high-fashion roots on full display. Chen, the founder of sneaker consignment store Soled Out NYC, recently unveiled a custom XI with a blue snakeskin material replaces the iconic patent leather. It’s a unique interpretation that gives the shoe a defiantly bold character. However paired with a deep black upper and clear, ice-blue outsole, Chen’s design also manages to masterfully maintain the XI’s famously formal aesthetic. With no shortage of XIs out there, it can be tough for new releases to stay afloat. But the “Blue Snake” may have what it takes to carve out its own place amidst an ocean of alternate colorways and retro re-releases. Check back for more details soon.

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