Aston Martin DBS V12 “Glow” by Nevana Designs

Long storied since its infamous appearance alongside one James Bond, the infamous Aston Martin DBS recently received a bold makeover for Gumball 3000 courtesy of Nevana Designs. The man behind the design company – Hamish Scott – has been tapped by various brands (most recently, for instance, Nissan) for his proprietary UV-recycling technology, and here applies a glow-in-the-dark paint job to the limited-run DBS. The paint’s active ingredient, strontium aluminate, stores sunlight to reflect at night, which seems especially useful in thinking about the rigorous daily demands of Gumball 3000. As a special bit of car history, the DBS itself is of particular importance for being the predecessor to the current in-line Vanquish V12. Team 46 will drive this special-edition vehicle around the world for this year’s rally, so be on the lookout for this bespoke ride in international cities this summer.