New York Fashion Week Can’t Find a New Sponsor After Mercedes-Benz Dropped Out

While there are a myriad of changes happening to New York Fashion Week, including its change of location as well as the introduction of a men’s fashion week, the biggest headline may be that the show can’t seem to find another big sponsor. With Mercedes-Benz a title backer since 2009, the upcoming shows in September will be the first time in seven years where the show will run without an automotive sponsor. But what was once considered the pinnacle of fashion is now having a hard time finding a replacement. According to Business of Fashion, this may be because NYFW is now “uncool,” making it hard to lure sponsors in a longstanding problem that many regard has begun since the show was moved to the Lincoln Center. Many major car brands are now looking to work with more innovative labels, reallocating their dollars to support up-and-coming brands as opposed to the usual big-name ones. IMG is unfazed though, saying “It’s a matter of different brand positioning rather than them having any less interest in fashion.” Come September, we will surely see some changes with undue implications for the fashion industry.

New York Fashion Week Is Now Homeless