Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Soccer-Inspired Logo

Things are looking up for the Atlanta Hawks following a successful regular season campaign, and a hard-fought, Eastern Conference Finals NBA playoff run. To cap off on the momentum going into the off-season, the organization has announced the team will be revamping its image, starting with its name. Formerly known as the Atlanta Hawks, the new Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club seeks to incorporate its local community and fans into its branded identity. A statement posted on the team’s website proudly asserts:

“The Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club moniker expands on the idea that we are more than just a team of 15 players. Our Basketball Club recognizes the contributions of the entire staff to our success. It respects and honors past players and coaches and their significance. Ultimately, the new Basketball Club designation reflects our commitment to building an emotional connection with our fans and maintaining an inclusive environment that welcomes all people. In the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club, ‘everyone matters’ and all are welcome.”

Coupled with the name change, three new logos have also been issued. Following the recent trend of NBA teams adopting a crest style emblem, a primary logo features a modern take on the team’s traditional pacman, Hawk insignia within a red and white crest. A secondary design fuses a pair of hawk wings with a downward spiraling basketball. Considering the similarity between the latest team logo changes in the league (New Orleans Pelicans, Washington Wizards, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia Sixers) and the team statement above, sound off below with your thoughts regarding the direction of today’s NBA.