Area x Opening Ceremony Exclusive Capsule Collection

New York label Area has teamed up once again with Opening Ceremony to release another exclusive capsule collection that stays true to the brand’s minimal aesthetic. Area designers Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg seem to have mastered textile manipulation, as the collection features delicate fabrics imprinted with an intricate geometric embossing technique, a feature that is becoming synonymous with the label. What’s more, is that in time, each piece develops miniature perforations allowing the fabric to eventually evolve into a delicate mesh that is unique to each individual depending on how often it is worn/washed. “We wanted the texture to speak for itself,” says Beckett of the collection. “It’s not about a specific person or story. We like to think that it can relate to almost anyone.” The capsule collection includes newly designed T-shirts, tennis shorts and tunics, available in a wide range of bold colors. Items from the collection can be bought via the online store or at the Area in-store pop-up at Opening Ceremony, courtesy of set designer Lauren Nikrooz.