2 World Trade Center Design Revealed

Danish architectural firm BIG has revealed the design for the fourth and final skyscraper that will restore New York City’s skyline back to its former glory. Founder Bjarke Ingels was faced with the daunting task of designing a tower that was both respectfully mindful of the tragedy that occurred at the site and to design something that stayed true to his creative flair and company aesthetic. With the 2 World Trade Center he managed to succeed in his endeavors. Comprised of seven unique buildings stacked on top of one another, the design marvel will rise 1,340 feet above the city.

Ingels described the project as follows:

“The completion of the World Trade Center will restore the majestic skyline of Manhattan and unite the streetscapes of TriBeCa with the towers Downtown. To complete this urban reunification we propose a tower that will feel equally at home in TriBeCa and the World Trade Center. From TriBeCa, the home of lofts and roof gardens, it will appear like a vertical village of singular buildings stacked on top of each other to create parks and plazas in the sky. From the World Trade Center, the individual towers will appear unified, completing the colonnade of towers framing the 9/11 Memorial. Horizontal meets vertical. Diversity becomes unity.”