Lance Armstrong Biopic ‘The Program’ Trailer

Having spent much of his career under criticism and adjudication, Lance Armstrong’s story and his fall from favor has been recreated for the third time in a new biopic titled ‘The Program.’ Director Stephen Frears offers his own take on events in an all encompassing documentary staring Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong and Chris O’Dowd as journalist David Walsh who through relentless action unveiled the truth behind one of the world’s most infamous athletes. As inspired by Walsh’s book, Seven Deadly Sins, with the script being provided by Trainspotting‘s John Hodge, ‘The Program’ includes appearances by Dustin Hoffman, Guillaume Canet and Lee Pace. Revered amongst the greatest deceptions in sporting history, the latest biopic cinematically portrays how Lance Armstrong convinced the world of his own self-proclaimed heroism as he rose to fame as the man who beat cancer and won the coveted Tour de France seven times. Head directly to the movie’s official website for more information on when ‘The Program’ can be expected to hit theaters, as well as a selection of additional footage.